John Klemmer"s Gentle "Touch"

Is there an audiophile anywhere who hasn't heard this record? If you are one of the few to whom the pleasures of this disc are unknown, read on. This recording was a beauty, even in it's original release on ABC Records. But it reputation was cemented when Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs reissued it in their "Original Master Recording" series, half-speed mastered then plated and pressed on virgin vinyl at JVC in Japan, and TAS added it to the Superdisc List. The original ABC immediately lost it's luster. This is the ultimate late night listen, a group of contemporary smooth jazz instrumentals featuring the soft focus saxophone of Klemmer, against a gently shimmering backdrop of dreamy electric keyboards, guitars and subtle percussion. It is exquisitely engineered. Not one note is harsh or aggressive - everything is warm and slightly rounded. The record projects a good sense of depth and width. If fact, if I had to name one of the most significant moments as an audiophile, it would be the time I first heard the record, around 1978. I was at local "audio salon" buying my first "serious" system, which had the Linn LP-12 with Itok arm and Monster Alpha Genesis cartridge, an integrated Harmon Kardon solid state amplifier and Pro Ac Studio 1 monitors. While finishing a transaction, I heard what sounded like live music coming from one of the listening rooms. When I wandered in to the listening session, I heard music reproduced with stunning clarity, depth, and dynamics. For the first time, I got a sense of a soundstage. Most impressive was how the system conveyed the intent and emotion of the performers. The music was John Klemmer's "Touch", played through Audio Research tube amplification and Magnaplanar loudspeakers. I don't remember ever being as impressed with reproduced sound as that one key moment. Needless to say, I added a copy of the MFSL version of "Touch" to my order, and have found the magic in it on many a late night listen. Fortunately, this was a big seller for MFSL, and mint copies are easily found for $20.00 or so on Ebay. Not to be missed.