Music for Chainsaw and Whip: Paniagua's "La Folia"


This is one of the best sounding records ever produced. It's spectacular sonics have landed it atop many audiophiles lists, has been recognized by virtually every hi-end audio journal including The Absolute Sound and the online journal Audio Critique. The music is what could be called fantasy arrangements of both traditional and contemporary folias. The Tuscan term "folle" translates as "foolish, mad, crazy or someone who has lost his head. I don't want to spoil the fun, but suffice to say that the instruments employed are bizarre, particularly in the context of ancient music.

There is a reissue on ATR Mastercut that is said to be even better than the original. ATR released the title on both 150gm and 180gm vinyl. The heavy vinyl is preferred, but all are recommended. The original French pressing is presented in a beautiful laminated gatefold, with extensive liner notes that are absent on the ATR. In either version, this record is a must have, the finest sounding record from Harmonia Mundi, and that is saying something.